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In today's rapidly changing world of real estate, the business environment is turning the tables in favor of the boutique real estate companies. Today's conditions require immediate action, and a smaller firm is more flexible, more focused, more innovative. Anacostia River Realty agents continually improve their skills and ways of doing business. I’ve found that the latest technologies are enabling our sales agents to do everything we’ve always done, only much more quickly and efficiently. It has also helped us develop the range of services we provide.

Selling a home can be a tremendously difficult task. You want to sell your house, condominium, real estate development, multi-family, or commercial property sold as soon as possible and at its maximum value. You must also be aware of state & federal laws and how they affect your sale. This involves a lot of time, effort, patience, and specialized skills and knowledge. That is why most people turn to a real estate professional for help. You also want an agent that works closer and knows the market conditions in the area much better than an agent who lives farther away.



Our hand-picked team of the best real estate real estate professional are dedicated to quality and most importantly, integrity. As Anacostia River Realty real estate agents, we believe that selling your home is a momentous decision. Anacostia River Realty's agents know the local community. We can help in your goal to sell your property for the highest price attainable, within the time frame that fits your plans and to make the home selling process as efficient and stress-free as possible.


Anacostia's Premier Realty Firm,

  Darrin D. Davis

All of our homes are:  

1. Featured on Washington, DC's Channel 9


 2. Given its own "'Property Barcode". Homebuyers using a smart cell phone can get 24/7 up-to-date info on your home by simply scanning the barcode.
It's easy as 1 - 2 - 3...
1. The buyer spots a UPC code on our yard signs, emails, ads, flyers. ...
2. Scans the code with their smart phone.
3. Receives info about the property instantly.

3. Posted on Anacostia River Realty's Youtube Network.  


4. Listed on over 50 different real estate websites.


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