Buying Your Home


Anacostia River Realty's premier agents are committed to making the home purchase process as smooth as possible. We will guide you through this process while discussing the best financing options, providing valuable, in-depth knowledge of the local DC East of the Anacostia River real estate market.

We communicate via your preferred method. Whether it is via phone, text, email, Skype or Facetime we will accommodate you. We work with your schedule. If your normal work schedule is a little unique, we will be sure to be available when you need us. 
There’s more to buying a house than just price. We negotiate on price, but also on important contingencies that protect you and your money. Buying a home is one of the biggest financial investments you may ever make. While it is a major commitment and responsibility, it can also be a thrilling experience and a very exciting time in your life. Trust Anacostia River Realty to help you smoothly navigate all aspects of your home purchase.


 Steps to Buying A Home

1. Decide to Buy - What is your reason for buying a home

2. Hire your Agent - Sign Your Buyer Broker Agreement

3. Determine Your needs - Needs vs. Wants

4. Get Pre-Approved - Purchasing Power and Monthly Payments

5.  Locate Your Home - The Search

6.  Make an offer - We help negotiate the best deal for you.

7. Contingencies - Home Inspection, Appraisals,

 8. Behind The Scenes

9. Closing

10. Move-In!


Rahim Briggs, Darrin Davis, Owner and new home owner Gregory Banks


"The process to become a homeowner can be very frustrating and demotivating at times. Especially when you’re constantly asked to provide this document or that document and not to mention the many hoops you have to jump through. Thankfully for me, I had a Realtor who had the ability to keep me grounded during those times when I was ready to throw in the towel! Thanks Darrin Davis for your patience and expertise and getting me to closing on my condo. You rock!" Gregory Banks