"Anthony and Juanita were able to secure the exact home that my wife and I wanted in Anacostia. The obstacles which they overcame to do so are nothing short of amazing. I truly believe that no one else could have closed this deal. We also paid less than asking price for the home and they worked with my wife and for over 6 months to make it happen. Thank you so much."  Patricia K.


 “Darrin, you've really become a force in Washington, DC real estate. I really admire what you and your Anacostia River Realty staff are doing in the community. You've taken the idea of opening a real estate company in an under-served area and made it work for you! Even though you have a large client base, I appreciated the time you spent educating me on investing in the neighborhoods east of the Anacostia River. Your knowledge of the area is very impressive. I can tell that you and your staff love what you're doing. I wish you and the Anacostia River Realty team much success for years to come."  Greg Nazanov, CFP Financial Planner

"....Darrin, you are a trailblazer. It means a lot to know that I'm on the right team!" Karissa Leake, Anacostia River Realty Sales Agent.


"Thanks to you and your team for coming to volunteer (Celebrate Frederick Douglass' Birthday) and for the great cake!!! You guys are a class act and it is so wonderful that you have a team that is equally invested in giving back to the community!! In my book, Anacostia River Realty Rocks!!!! Julie Kutruff,  District Manager at National Park Service



"Darrin found my dream home. A consummate professional who held my hand and ushered me through an anxiety-filled process. I attended his home buying seminars, which assisted me in getting ready to buy my house. When I was ready, I knew he was Realtor I could depend on and trust. I would recommend him to anyone looking to buy a home east of the Anacostia River." Derek Lamont Stewart


"I love what Broker, Darrin Davis is doing to promote neighborhoods east of the river. DC is all four quadrants and all eightwards, not just NW or Capitol Hill!" Suzanne Des Marais, District of Columbia Association of Realtors, 2011 President




"Darrin is one of Washington D.Cs' most successful and respected Real Estate Brokers/Realtors. As the owner of Anacostia River Realty, Darrin is a real go-getter and ALWAYS has his clients' best needs at heart. He is super knowledgeable of the entire D.C. area, but particularly in the Anacostia River neighborhoods. He takes the time to provide a comprehensive overview of the best sell, purchase or lease options for his clients... combined with superior & caring customer service before, during and well after the transaction(s). He and his teams' knowledge combined with their expertise is exactly what the area needs, and DARRIN DELIVERS! I highly recommend anyone needing or considering a great realtor in the area to FIRST make a call to Darrin!" Robert M. Wood


"Darrin is one of the best real estate professionals I know. For anyone who knows me, this really is saying something. Mr. Davis and his team provide top notch customer service in an industry where integrity and genuine loyalty are frequently hard to come by. My hat goes off to the man, not just professionally, on a personal level as well. Character like his is refreshing and inspiring. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Darrin to anyone." Clinton Rushing


"Anacostia River Realty, with Darrin Davis, is an excellent resource for real estate solutions. Call Darrin today." Vincent G. Carter



"Thank you Mr. Davis for doing your part in dispelling the perceptions about this community. Apparently there is a great multitude of people who are not aware of the true beauty of this community due to what is perceived from the media. Thank you and continue to do the work putting Anacostia in the positive “limelight”. Ms. Charmaine H.  


"...you probably don't remember me, you are actually my mom's Realtor and you are currently helping her property manage her house. I came to your office with her one day a while back. Anyhow, I just wanted to thank you for assisting her. Keep up the good work, we need more like you in the community."  Rod Pearson
"This is a great small business model for American success. And we here East of the River are proud to have Anacostia River Realty "On Our Side....of the River!"
Ms. D. Watts
"Anacostia has changed a lot. My family has been here since 1961. Welcome to the neighborhood and thanks for all you are doing to promote the area and educate the youth about the history and greatness of the neighborhood ... it feels great to have the positive image promoted. Keep up the good work! You're exactly what the neighborhood needs...thanks again! " Ms. D. Pasha
"Ahh, Darrin, this is a magnificent way of building your business my friend. I’ll wager that your life a year from now will be much different. I admire what you’re doing". Michael M.
"Darrin, we've seen the work you're doing out in the Anacostia area and were interested in doing an Executive Profile Q&A interview with you for the Washington Business Journal. It's a fun, frank and illuminating feature that is meant to reveal the personalities behind some of our most prominent business people in the community". Washington Business Journal
"...it's funny i saw you on HGTV, and was inspired. I'm relocating to DC after I graduate... just networking around... I was browsing Facebook and was like that's the house man!" Carl W.
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